How it all started

Sydney Indoor MX Dome was first an idea thought of in the Bartolo household after not being able to ride one weekend in Winter due to the poor weather outdoors.

The youngest son, Luca Bartolo, threw out an idea into the open about having somewhere indoor to ride and the idea stuck with Mattew Bartolo for years until the idea became a working reality.

What started as just some interesting ideas of what could be, eventually evolved into months of completing research into the facilities in the USA, we starting working on what “could” be an indoor facility for Australia. From the start of just some interesting ideas of what could be eventually evolved into “oh wow, it can be done & this is actually happening and turning into something solid”

After years of private works and planning on the project, it was at a stage to be submitted to Blacktown Council for DA Approval. It took just 6 weeks for formal DA Approval to come through for this one of a kind project.

With the local government bodies supporting the project and the ability for the Bartolo family to begin working on the project fulltime with all approvals required, the dirt was turned over and construction commenced.

With the passion needed to bring something to life that is an Australian First, The Bartolo family have battled hard to bring locals something state of the art that will be accessible 7 days a week and still cater for the average family.

“A rider can finish work, grab their bike and jump onto the M4/M7 and get to the MX Dome, have dinner at our cafe, have a ride and be home by 9pm.”
– Mattew Bartolo, Founder

“As a mother of 5 kids, I know what is it like wanting to watch all the kids ride but then they all go off in different directions on tracks that don’t allow me to spectate from the side and to watch that no accidents happen, so making this place somewhere that everyone in the family can enjoy was one of the main priorities other than safety!
We want all the mums and dads of kids to feel comfortable in grabbing a coffee from the café and then being able to watch their kids or partners out on the track and also have peace of mind that they are riding in a controlled and safe environment”
Barbara Bartolo, Director

Fast forward to 2019 and the dome is in production, due to open soon

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